Anything can trigger betrayal. An email from a friend asking for a competitors phone number, someone not following through on a promise, and then there is the big one: An affair. Even a tiny misunderstanding can trigger an avalanche of emotions.

Betrayal begins at home: Expectations lead to betrayal; compromise leads to betrayal. And once betrayed, that experience remains in the archives of the mind forever. Trust becomes tainted; always lurking in the dark is the sneaking suspicion that the other will again cause pain.

Nothing is harder to bear than the freedom of the other. Old memories race to the surface, and in those memories is hidden the bad person–something is wrong with me or else they wouldn’t have treated me so. Expectations that others will treat you . . . (lovingly, generously, with care) is a prison for the other and a prison for yourself.

Watching is the key to unlock that prison.

Mind produces a matching file to describe each new event. By definition, that file is from the past. It is old and dusty. The old file may describe a painful event. If so, pain will be applied to the current event. Don’t blame mind for this process–it is a robot working exactly according to programming. This process eliminates the possibility of the new, the unknown.

Without watching, we become victims of our past. And those around us will soon become victims of our victim.

Let things happen–without forming conclusions. Watching is the Master key to unlock all prisons within the mind.


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