Rethinking Loyalty

Loyalty is the paradigm of our dark past. The path to a new dawn begins with a choice, the choice to choose consciously, each moment.

Loyalty implies obligation; loyalty is a promise that sows the seeds of betrayal; loyalty involves higher/lower. America was founded on the principle that loyalty = fealty = oppression, and that no human being need be subjected to ownership by another human being. All are equal in their freedom.

Yet we talk still about loyalty, obedience, faithfulness etc–wedding vows are full of it. Realizing that conventional wisdom does not view the journey into  freedom, spontaneity, or consciousness as valuable, it is not too surprising that  people with a rebellious spirit find the concept of marriage a form of bondage.

We will come together, but rather than pledging loyalty, we could come together in celebration, where love supports and sets the other free.


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