Who Am I

Wrestling with the question Who am I is the nature of our journey. Some people take the easy path and choose a dogma to provide answers, but pre-packaged answers are just writing on water. Each of us is unique; there is no such thing as one size fits all.
The common concept of worshipping a god is demeaning. Regardless of whether a higher power exists (or many), and personally I’ve yet to meet one, the responsibility to know oneself first is paramount. Consider, is it possible to know another without knowing yourself?–who will be there to know the other. Beliefs prevent knowing. Belief numbs intelligence. Belief prevents questioning.
It has been said that God hides in the one place few will ever find him, within the heart of man.

(Apologies to the feminists for my method of communication. God is not part of a reproducing species, and therefore is neither male nor female.)


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