A Bridle Is Only A Bridle

You must have observed a horse with a rider holding the reins of a bridle. That horse roamed free before the bridle, but once the bridle was introduced, the rider could control the animal to his or her requirements. We have been bridled (trained) much the same way.

When we talk about Watching related to meditation, it is easy to think of making effort. That focus on effort comes from our training. Effort is the bridle.

Close your eyes and watch what happens. Soon you will recognize that thoughts are telling you what to do, how to do, or that something is wrong with you if you can’t. That is the bridle. But, like the horse, you can roam perfectly free unbridled. And taking it off is not another effort. Only Remembering is needed. Remember that you were before the bridle, and that although the bridle now guides you, your inherent nature has not been lost. You need only Remember.

Freedom is never lost, only covered by training.


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