What’s the point?

What’s the point?

That is the point: There is no point.

Worldly oriented people think in terms of goals. Spiritually oriented people think there is no goal, that the journey is the goal. Both are an effort of the mind to produce meaning in a meaningless situation. Not only is there no goal, there is no journey. We are here because we are here.

Religion is a method to disguise this uncomfortable fact. Christians almost got it right when they decided there is only one life, but they fell back into misery when  placing a supreme being as the ultimate authority. Now there is goal–to attain to heaven.

Since there is neither a goal nor a journey, we are left with only two choices: Be here in misery, struggle, or its antidote: Belief. Or be here in Bliss. There is no other possibility. The choice is ours.


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