Step Aside

I’ve oft contemplated the statement, “Am I doing what I want.” But there is a subtle reason why “doing what I want” is not an option: I believe there is a journey. We have heard that life exists in duality: For every Goal there is a requisite Journey. But by common agreement we know that the Goal is irrelevant, only the journey matters.

Watching changes all that. Through watching, the two polarities of any duality are exposed. And they are exposed as obviously as two sides of a coin. Once you know the coin as a coin, the coin can be dropped. You can have it whole or you can drop it whole, but you cannot divide.

If you drop it whole, neither the goal nor the journey is relevant. And if there is no journey and no goal only two choices are left (ahh, another duality is coming)–We can be in life in struggle and misery, or we can be here in bliss. The choice is ours.

So what about the second duality? That, you will discover, is the nature of Mind–Mind exists through division.  Step aside, let the mind go by.


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