Go On

Once the journey of meditation begins, there is no going back. Just as we cannot unlearn how to ride a bicycle, we cannot unremember what is self evident. Just one experience of the inner world is enough to motivate a lifetime  journey.

But what keeps us going when the road gets tough, when doubt creeps in, when it seems we are crazy and out of step with the tribe? Some people can do it alone, having reached a place within where it is now clear that everything is minds illusion. They are blessed. Others, perhaps most of us, need a beacon to walk toward in the rough moments.

Gurdjieff famously stated (paraphrased), all can not escape, one alone can not escape, but a small group working dilligently can achieve the almost impossible. 

On every journey there are moments when we consider turning back.

Even if you dont have a small group such as Gurdjieff described, there is one  word from the East that can act as the great reminder: Charivetti. Literally, it means Go On.

Take heart, Go On, you will discover only yourself.


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