Hunting Witches

Not so many years ago we were taught that the world was flat. Those who rejected the belief were shunned, and then condemned.  Also not too long ago pagans believed a  lunar eclipse was the work of evil spirits (now we know it is nothing more than a shadow cast by an alignment of planets.)

Where do we get these beliefs? Such ideas are the work of snake-oil salesman, the charlatans who seek power, or who work for the power seekers. You can’t easily see their faces, the mask of religion hides their truth. Machiavelli exposed them when he wrote that religion is a tool of the princes, a method for the power elite to control the masses.

So lets bring it back to our everyday reality (and the point of this blog)–meditators are also full of arrogance.  We believe we are superior. But in fact arrogance has nothing to do with meditation, the seed of arrogance was planted long before a meditator sits down and closes his or her eyes. Arrogance is one method to combine people into a power group. And once that power is consolidated, the group is then free to condemn those who dont bow to accepted belief.

The group decides whether the other is good or bad. Hence mystics always stand alone. The mystics know there is something beyond good and bad, they  know there is only consciousness or unconsciousness.

The Group will always hunt witches. Even the small group that I have talked about recently is not immune. Ultimately, freedom from the witch hunt lays in recognizing whether you have become one of the crowd.



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