Unpack Your Suitcase

Regardless of whether you travel a mile to a small gathering or half way around the globe to sit at the feet of an enlightened one, you will carry you suitcase along. And once you arrive you will unpack, that is inevitable.

Inside, it is full of your treasures: Greed, lust, ambition, revenge, perversion, jealousy. And that is only the top layer of the garments we wear.  You have heard the term, sugar coated, that is what most spirituality amounts to. We sit at the feet of an enlightened one and smile beatifically. We know we are fake, he knows we are fake, and everyone around us know it just as well.

But we are trained to fit in, to melt into the group. And the price of admission?–your self.

There is another option. Those treasures are only parts of the ego. They can be watched. The Enlightened One referred to these parts as the Servants in your house. But where is the Master of the house? He (you) is sound asleep and the servants are taking turns at ruling. We know the experience when one of the parts rules our empire. We have all experienced the energetic devastation in the aftermath of jealousy, ambition, or greed–our whole jar of energy is depleted.

There is only one medicine for the diseases in the suitcase–Watching. Step aside, let the mind go by.


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