The Misery of Opposites

Everyday we can see the choice of opposites in action. Yesterday morning we saw hatred of organized religion in opposition to the seemingly endless days of Papal idolatry. Last night we saw an embittered President in opposition to the N.R.A.

Throughout my formative years I was taught that I must choose a side. The problem with choosing sides though is that then one has to fight. But I ask you, is fighting how you wish to live your life? Fighting is a win/lose situation.

I heard Osho say, “The hand that holds a gun can never hold the flower of meditation.”

Tribes fight; religions fight; politicians fight; neighbors fight; siblings fight; lovers fight. We live in a world dominated by fight. And then there is the root of fight: choosing right or wrong within. This I, this chooser, fights  continuously.

We think there is only one I, this me. But we are not one I, we are a crowd inside.

I keep harping on the reality that Watching is the only antidote, and it is, but the problem is that watching implies aloneness, and that is the one thing none of us want. We want to fight, and that requires opposites.





2 thoughts on “The Misery of Opposites”

  1. This is so true- I hate how divided people get over issues. I mean I have strong opinions, but it doesn’t make me feel like someone is stupid if they don’t agree with me. Definitely I’ve seen parts of my family split apart from just disagreeing about things like politics. So sad really!


    1. One approach is to keep talking until we see that fighting keeps us divided. Often, what appear as contrdictions are in reality complimentary, we just haven’t penetrated deeply enough. On we go.
      Thanks for your comment.

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