What is a Mystery School?

First, consider the following statement: Reverence is the ultimate barrier; love is the ultimate bridge.

The term Mystery School conjures up all kinds of myths: Alibaba and the 40 thieves; dark rooms echoing with chants; ultimate knowledge handed down to the select few. Nothing could be farther from the truth. So let’s begin with the first statement, and what a mystery school is not.

Reverence is a poison, both to the revered and to the one suffering from reverence. Reverence sets one of our fellows upon a pedestal. As soon as reverence begins we no longer see the real person, we see only our projection. Cults start this way, some with deadly consequences.

Love, on the other hand, recognizes the beauty of another being. Love allows the other to share his or her gifts without that sharing devolving into a rule.

We are accustomed to function under rules, every child is trained that way. And that training carries on in the background of each individual’s consciousness, usually unchallenged, for the remainder of his or her life.

Then, by accident or by a stroke of fortune, we come across a small group. We are intrigued; the group seems fresh, alive, living by different rules. We embrace those rules, and join. Have we joined a Mystery School? Probably not. More likely is that we have joined a cult.

Of course, every group will have a point person, someone who is the catalyst for the group to form. But in a Mystery School that person only offers guidance. The understanding behind guidance is that every individual is free to discover their own path. The catalyst person will point out ditches on the path, but will never deny your freedom to fall into one should that be your desire. (The catalyst person will also not pull you out.)

If a rule does exist in a Mystery School it is that no one shall interfere in the other’s freedom to explore himself or herself.

Rules beget right and wrong. Rules beget good and bad. Rules lead to dictatorships. In childhood, rules were for our protection; for intelligent adults, rules become prisons. And a Mystery School is anything but a prison.

The term mystery school was coined by those on the outside. Initiates knew something quite different; they knew that the mystery is you and the school is an opportunity to unravel that mystery.


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