Speak About You.

Mostly we speak about others, or on safe topics, but rarely about what’s happening inside ourselves; we believe that others don’t want to hear. More importantly, we often don’t know what we think and feel–at least sufficiently to speak from that place.

It is easy to sit in a meeting and go with the status quo; it is dangerous to speak about what is happening for you, within you. I am not talking about business meetings that rarely have any depth beyond the functionality of a product or idea, I am talking about those moments when friends or family are together and the topic leads to the the behavior of someone not present.

Often, I cannot access what is happening within me because I’m afraid I will be next in line for criticism. You may not choose to expose your feelings in such situations but you can learn about yourself. And yes, it is dangerous to state what the crowd does not wish to hear. That danger is unavoidable if you seek to live in integrity.


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