It All Depends On You

A young man in search of truth left his village, saying goodbye to family and all that he knew. Just outside the village he met an old man sitting in the shade of a tree, his back against the trunk.
The young man asked, “Which way, and how long is the journey to truth?”
The old man smiled and said, “This shade is vast, sit down and close your eyes.”
The young man became impatient, “No, I am not interested in resting,” he said, “I am interested in truth. Tell me which way I should go. How long is the journey?”
The old man laughed. “Well, that depends on which way you travel. One way is far, the other close by.”
Exasperated, the young man stormed off. Years passed. Eventually, no longer young, the man returned to his village, exhausted. He again passed the old man who was by now ancient. Looking into the eyes of the ancient one, seeing the light there, the emptiness dwelling within, he sank down beside the old man and closed his eyes.
“Why didn’t you tell me that truth was so close, I have wasted my life?”
“I did,” said the old man, “but the flames of your passion burned too hot. Now you are cool. Let us enjoy the journey together. We are one, you and I.”


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