Eventually It Sinks In

A story that has been told in mystery schools throughout the ages goes something like this: The master of the house is making ready to leave on a pilgrimage. He calls the servants together and tells them of his planned journey, requesting that the servants continue their work as if he were still at home. The master’s journey lasts for years and eventually the servants agree he will never return. They begin taking turns, sitting in the master’s chair, meeting visitors as if they were the master of the house.
One day the master knocks at the door.
“Yes,” said the servant.
“I am home,” said the master, “let me enter.”
“No one knows you here'” the servant replied, “I am the master.”

This is the case for all of us. The parts in our mind have seized power and are acting in our stead.

But eventually, through watching, it sinks in. A friend can reflect a pattern that runs you in any given moment, and if the master is home, that pattern will be exposed. If the master is not at home, the pattern, the part of the mind that has seized power, will seek revenge.

It is a joyful day when a part of the mind is exposed.


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