What Is Important To You?

Why do we meditate? In most cases the answer will be to discover thyself. The question ‘who am I, is as old the ages, presumably as old as man himself.
Every individual though, will likely have a different answer to my question. Some will look from a spiritual perspective, others will answer in regard to their journey within a given society.

I prefer to combine those paths.

On the spiritual front, looking into the teachings and stories of the Mystics, discovering how their parables apply to my life, is one aspect of my journey. On the societal front, I choose to learn the art of both the spoken language and the written language. They are very different arts.

One mystical statement puts this into perspective: Be in the world but not of it.

Any idea to divide into spiritual or mundane comes from a division that exists within the individual. If division, such as good and bad were not part of our training, we would not find fault with others.

So, what is important to you? Find out, and be total.


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