The Jailer Is Not Free

The Jailer and the Jailed are together in the same calamity.
The Repressed and the Repressor.
If the jailer goes free, the prisoners will escape.

We are divided people, divided into a multitude of voices, each trying to state a viewpoint while another voice attempts to drown it out. We are a chaos inside, a constant war taking place within. Each moment one part wants to dominate, is dominating, but only fleetingly. Other parts wait for a chance to rise to the top. And we know from experience that they will–anger surfaces, then jealousy, then revenge, and then guilt followed by remorse.

Try looking at these emotions as parts of you. Normally, we think in terms of I: I am angry, I am jealous, I am guilty. Doing so keeps the edifice intact. But if you watch these emotions as parts rather than as the whole, a distance is created; watching opens a new doorway.

You must have heard the oft quoted saying, A house divided cannot stand. In fact the edifice of ‘I’ is a house, and by dividing its parts it will topple. Take this a step further and give names to the parts: Carlos the controller, Sweet Mary the Christian, Chatty Kathy, Freddie Coyote the sneaky one, and so on.

The fact is that we are a cacophony of voices inside, some condemning us, some praising us, and others extolling us to virtue. Looking at these voices as parts will expose them and will lead to an understanding of how they got to be in you, claiming to be part of you.

Take the journey, you will be surprised.


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