Going It Alone

When I first heard George Gurdjieff’s statement, One cannot escape, All cannot escape, but a small group working together can achieve the apparently impossible, I was not a believer; I always go it alone.

This problem of trying to achieve the apparently impossible by oneself was brought home to me yesterday. The issue is this: We believe we can see ourselves, and simultaneously, we believe we can see beyond ourselves–transcend ourself. Do you see the impossibility? This is bootstrap thinking. The me that I want to surpass is the me that is making the attempt.

I heard Osho talk on this point. He said that although he had achieved enlightenment without help, it was an almost impossible task. Our beliefs are so deeply entrenched that we cannot find a point from which to recognize the belief as simply a belief.

Right and wrong are so ingrained that we will defend our concept of it to the death, or murder.

What it takes is someone else with enough compassion to stand steady in the minefield of your emotions while the belief structure goes through meltdown. It is not a pretty picture.

Then you will know the real meaning of touching the feet of the Master, and the absurdity of going it alone.


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