Pitfalls–On the Road to Freedom

Pitfall, what a wonderfully descriptive word. It doesn’t mean a step fall, or a short fall, it means literally falling into a pit.

This morning I knew what I ineeded to write, this afternoon I am trying to write it from memory. That is a pitfall–trying to recreate the past.

The present is not very comfortable though. Rather than hang out in the unknown–and see where it leads–we prefer to fill the void with our past stories and/or future dreams.

My lover shook her head after a morning meditation, complaining about the endless voices in her head. What about the voice who’s doing the complaining, I asked. Oh, she said. What we forget is that life is an experiment. Everything can be put into a lab, and watched.

You’ve heard it a thousand times: the journey is the goal. Putting something into a lab is not different. Rather than condemning some aspect of your personality, put it in a lab and discover the nature of you. Condemnation, especially self condemnation is a subtle trick for the mind to remain in control; fighting with the mind feeds the mind. If fighting is happening within you, put fighting in a lab.

The road is full of pitfalls, and really, on the inward journey, no one else can pull you out. That is your responsibility, and your freedom.


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