I don’t want to be . . .

. . . one with all things.
On the journey of meditation, we come to a point where truth is no longer deniable. Recognizing that ‘I am one with all things’ is such a point.

We have heard the Buddhas say life is Duality. And most of what they say sounds good, but really understanding their meaning and how to apply it is not so easy

‘Duality’ and ‘One with all things’ are one and the same. Within me, I am both helpful and vindictive; generous and greedy; humble and arrogant.

When one side of a duality is uppermost, the opposite is biding it’s time in the wings. I hear it in every conversation, politically correct masking an ugly step-sister. Such division is painful. Have you noticed the effort to keep that other side of you hidden?

We hear statements like ‘Let things happen,’ but we can’t afford to let ourselves happen; there will be consequences. And the true consequence is that we then live in repression. The loser is me.

But you cannot dump your negativity on the world, as terrorists would have you believe. The solution is to close your eyes and journey within. Fear of thoughts will destroy you, watching thoughts will set you free.


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