Life Coaching–the new gurus.

The term Life Coaching is synonymous with a blind man teaching about light. This is a matter of people who themselves are getting it all wrong telling others how to get it all right. Unfortunately, such  people are often infected with an inferiority complex.

Even more unfortunately, many believe they are  teaching meditation. They are not. They are teaching methods which were designed to escape the conditioning of the mind and using them to adjust the mind to a more functional, and acceptable, social normal.

Tracing the evolution of Life Coaching backwards a few generations we come to Positive Affirmations, and then Group Therapy,  before that came Analysis, and of course the Priesthood goes back as far as recorded history.

These are games to make people feel better, but they don’t answer the  real question–Who Am I. Instead these games obscure  that question, replacing faulty methods of functioning in society with better methods. Such approaches only adjust conditioning–reprogramming rather than deprogramming. The approach of meditation is not to modify your conditioning but to live beyond it.

Consider the statement, ‘You must relax.’ Can you see the contradiction?  You are the one who is creating tension, you are the problem. Any effort to relax only creates more tension.

Trying to make yourself a better adjusted person for society might have merit if approval is what you seek, but it will not expose you to the great question. ‘Who Am I’ takes you into meditation, into yourself, regardless of your peers opinions.

Analysis was the game of the 1950’s, group therapy the  70’s and 80’s, positive affirmation through the end of the millennium, and now we have life coaches. It seems we have an endless need for snake oil salesman, people who don’t know themselves wanting to tell us who we are.




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