The Apparently Impossible

Meditation is a journey of attaining The Apparently Impossible–from mind to no-mind. Only mind can take an action, can undertake a journey, and yet mind must be left behind for no-mind to surface.

So does every human being strive to escape? When I look back at the people I have known over an already long life, I recognize that Longing exists in everyone, the longing to go beyond the boundaries of self.

On my desk is a small book on Zarathustra titled, In Love With Life. It is a series of discourses given by Osho. Just considering that title alone already leads me on a journey–am I in love with life?

The socially correct answer is, “Yes, of course.” But looking a little deeper, I find within myself complaints and desires, and in all their usual forms: greed, lust, resentment, and so on; we all have a list (did you consider buying a powerball ticket, have you taken a selfie recently.) We are identified to these parts of our personality and would remain in said abode except for that one niggling echo, which  seems to arise from before the growth of this current iteration of life that each of us defines as “Me.” That echo is No-mind, and it is a siren song.

The longing to escape the struggles of personality, to dance as one in love with life, that is the call to attaining The Apparently Impossible.



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