Seeds of Wisdom

Every thought is a seed; somewhere, in someone, it will sprout, and from a tiny acorn will a tall Oak grow.

‘It is the Container, not the Content.’ That Seed was planted in me 40 years ago; today, tiny leaves break past the crust of my earth.

The meaning is simple: Only consciousness is solid–thoughts come and go. Think of it like a cup of tea; consciousness is the cup and thoughts is the tea. We drink the tea, and soon an empty cup remains. We pour more tea, and again the same result: an empty cup in the hands.

So to concern oneself with the fleeting journey of thoughts is pointless, too soon they disappear. To fight over right and wrong, to challenge good as better than bad, my religion against your religion, why bother? Thoughts are tea. Consider your experience with insights: Today, an insight will be described in glowing words: an epiphany, and tomorrow, you cannot recall exactly what it meant to you. Try to recall it and share it, you will have to struggle to recapture the glory of that moment. You may succeed, but why bother, this life is a dance, fresh every moment with new insights, new experiences, new loves–and all beautiful content, but ephemeral.

Only the container remains. Search for that which never changes.


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