A Real Student

Life is a journey into the unknown. Seen that way, everything, every event, every interaction becomes an opportunity to learn. We are Students/Learners; we cannot be otherwise.

Then what of Teachers: they are clan members whom we have allowed to pass on to the children that which we already know. They are professionals, valuable, necessary, but not leaders, they are followers.

Ordinary Teachers shoulder responsibility, their lot is a significant burden (Learners carry no burden.) But a real teacher of life is not a professional, he or she is a Friend on the path; a real teacher has no investment. And a real student is also not an ordinary state, it is an exalted state that allows everyone, even a mangy dog, to be his or her mirror.

We misunderstand if we view the Teacher/Student relationship in terms of higher/lower, punishment/reward. The true relationship is that of friendliness.

Be a real student, and in being so you will be a real teacher.


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