Bonsai People

Fighting against thoughts consumes our life force; cuts our roots.
For instance: I twant to best you followed by No, I shouldn’t be competitive.

The effect of such conflicting thoughts is the same as the Bonsai gardeners cutting the roots of what would have become a magnificent tree–a great Cedar (of Lebanon.) What remains is a miniature version of itself, a Pygmy–a Bonsai.

Fighting against thoughts has the same effect. The fight takes place within, one part of mind fighting another part of mind. Neither ever wins; the parts are only thoughts, shadows, clouds across an empty sky. But the result is that we live in a war zone.

See the point: thoughts are only thoughts, and every thought can be watched.
Drop this idea of becoming a perfect, manicured, correct individual–a Bonsai person; become the magnificent Cedar you are.


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