Breaking the Chain

Imagine breaking the chain of conditioning that is passed from one generation to the next. Every seeker struggles to break free from deeply felt patterns; often their roots are less than obvious.

Common, and least obvious, form of conditioning (passed to almost every child) is that the parent/adult knows best. Continuing to operate through the remainder of our lives under this misunderstanding, we endlessly seek someone to tell us what to do. Every authority figure exists because we were taught to need them. And at the pinnacle of this travesty is God (I am not implying anything about God, only that our view is colored by others ideas.)

Rather than setting up an authoritarian paradigm, parents could see their role as guardians of an unbound consciousness. Every child is the leader into an unknown future, not a follower of old, dirty ideals.

Pink Floyd sang, “Hey, Teacher, leave them kids alone.” They had it half right.

Religions are known to say, give me your children up to age seven and we shall control them for life. This is politics, the power of numbers: the more followers, the greater the power. And we hear about religions fighting for unborn children’s rights; what we don’t hear is how they make slaves of them. Rarely is a child encouraged to explore, to think, to create beyond the boundaries of the known, though this is their birthright. Unfortunately, parents and religions are thieves in that regard.

This is not to say children can discriminate when something may hurt them. But to fill them with ideals they are bound to follow the rest of their lives is nothing more than a disguised form of slavery.

To me, this insidious form of slavery is the responsibility of every parent. You can break the chain and set your children free. Allow them to build a brave new world beyond religion, beyond poverty, and beyond war.

Break the chain.


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