For and Against

For and Against are two sides of mind. Two sides implies division, and a house divided cannot stand.

We are taught to believe in struggle regarding the outer life: success, power, approval etc, but a habit once learned defeats our ability to discriminate–we apply the habit to the inner world and then struggle with ourselves. Repression becomes normal and Depression is the consequence.

This makes great business for therapists, life coaches, and all kinds of helpful people for their books and TV appearances. First we create the problem and then we create solutions, and around and around we go. Eric Berne wrote a book, Games People Play, and although his work is part of the game itself, you may find his ideas illuminating.

Actually we need nothing other than to see division within ourselves. There is a gaping hole within, screaming to be nourished. We think it is the home of a monster, a place to avoid at any cost, when in fact just the opposite is true; this so-called hole is your center. And the struggle playing out on the periphery is the device to prevent us from going within. What a travesty.

Meditation is the journey to expose For and Against (and all division) for the fraud that it is. A wise ancient, Layman Pang, said, “Neither going with, nor going against, discrimination naturally arises and the light of emptiness shines by itself.”


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