I think, therefore…

I think, therefore I am.
I think, therefore I understand things according to my thinking.
I think, and my thoughts form my opinions.
I think we don’t see eye to eye.
And therein lies the issue: Our thinking leads us to believe we are separate, that this is mine not yours.
Thinking, therefore, leads to isolation.
But we can no more try not to think than we can fly. We can’t do either.
Therefore to attempt to change ourselves is an effort doomed to fail.
Knowing this, the buddhas have offered Koans: What is the sound of one hand clapping. We attempt to solve this puzzle just as we attempt to solve the puzzle of our existence. Koans are unsolvable puzzles; until the mind is exhausted, searching is exhausted, that which is always in front of us will never be seen–we are blinded by thinking.
Some people try to circumvent the journey by pretending, but they are far too obvious; everyone can smell a fake, it has a religion smell. No, there is no shortcut; one has to exhaust oneself.

So what is it that happens inside when some other person states that you are wrong or bad or quarrelsome or too difficult. They are saying you should change yourself. In a world where buddhas understand that it is impossible to change yourself, we have our peers and leaders of society preaching the opposite. (And you know what it feels like when you don’t match up to another’s expectations.) But imagine a life where you understand the nature of this impossible situation, where you step aside from those well-intentioned opinions, and walk free into the next blissful moment. That is the birthright of every individual simply because we are not sheep, we are unique individuals.

According to the wise ones we are not separate, but that does not mean we are sheep. They speak of connection beyond the division created by thinking. That oneness is where we are heading. I will see you there.


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