Changing hilltops.

Taking ideas and looking at them from a different vantage point has been helpful to me. Case in point: A meditator cannot be disturbed. It is easy to hear such a statement and make a belief of it, which inevitably leads to a commandment: Thou shalt remain undisturbed in meditation. And it is also easy to recognize that this leads to pressure, and pressure leads to tension, which is the opposite of watching.

So the alternative is to make a lab of such statements. Experiment, leave conclusions aside. Which leads me to recognizing that every disturbance in meditation offers an opportunity to wake up. When my wife enters from the garden, and I am sitting with eyes closed, her vibration sends ripples through my body. When she puts her coffee cup on the counter, I contract from the sound. These examples, and endless others during the day, expose that I am trying to protect myself inside.

We talk about being open, desire to be open, even claim to be open, while on the subtle inner layer, endlessly rejecting. And I am not suggesting to stop rejecting, rather to see what Is happening instead of what Should happen.

Taking any belief and testing it from different perspectives produces your own experience, and experience is the drumbeat of life.


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