Responsibility Equals Freedom

Opinions, Conclusions, & Judgements, they all have a common thread. For many people this thread is the foundation stone of individuality. But for a meditator it equals the abdication of responsibility, the cause of misery.

Opinion forms tribes–we gather with those who hold a common agreement. It is evident in every organization–political, religious, racial, it makes no difference.

Conclusion ends all search, all discussion.

Judgment pushes others away, beginning our journey toward Isolation.

So the thread, the consequence, the misery, is that we have shut our doors. We become closed, we circle the wagons, we reduce our potential.

Just as prejudice cannot be legislated away neither can these aspects of personality be forced into a closet. Opinions, Judgments, and Conclusions form the barricades of ego, barricades against uncertainty–and we tremble at uncertainty. We hesitate to leap into the unknown, but only by doing so can we achieve the spice of life. We have heard, Risk equals Reward, now add Responsibility equals Freedom.


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