What Is Meditation

In a commodity based world, where everything is vacuumed up into an homogeneous whole and even the sacred space of meditation has become commercialized with apps and YouTube videos and blogs in abundance, for a few dollars you can learn meditation. Or can you?

No, no one needs to buy crutches for meditation, you already have everything you need–just close your eyes and watch.

And watching is easy, we do it every day. Television has one saving grace in that it shows us we know how to watch. Some claim their music will take you into your inner world. Perhaps, but so can the sound of slot machines in Vegas, the babbling brook in some far off deep forest, or the rhythm of the rails on a morning commute. There is nothing more spiritual than anything else–even a thief can meditate.

Every charlatan offers a brand. Along the way, I’ve met long term meditators who flew off to India and paid thousands of dollars for a three day guarantee of enlightenment. But they weren’t seeking meditation, they sought power.

Meditation is a love affair with life–all of life, here, now, without rejecting anything.

The meditation products available in the ‘get em while they’re hot’ millennial milieu are simply toys marketed to Innocents. Perhaps these toys are helpful in the beginning. But, there is no badge of accomplishment, no levels of attainment, no advanced course, or any other inducement that marketers use, there is only an ever-deepening understanding of you. The ancient technique of asking the question, Who am I, is an every moment affair, an affair for a lifetime. Meditation is your birthright; live it while you can.


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