I think you should…

I think you should…
Perhaps this one statement produces more misery for humanity than any other. Try making the statement out loud and then filling in the dots. I think you should…?

Is this the way we are taught?–to be our brother’s keeper. What happened to uniqueness, to individuality, to freedom. But regardless, we go on imposing our ideas of the universe on others. The alternative, if you are compelled to give an opinion, is to follow up with, “thank you for considering my view point.”

How do we get from force, the force of conditioning, to the freedom of allowing others to happen? George Gurdjieff relates this lesson from his father: When another insults you, tell him you will respond in 24 hours. That 24 hrs will expose you to yourself, will expose the force of the ego that wants to dominate others.

It is a humbling experience–seeing the need to overpower others–but such moments are also joyful, bringing a flavor of freedom, the freedom to know oneself. The ego that produces “I think you should…” is not to be eliminated, it is to be observed, and learned from. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to wake up.

Can you hear the alarm ringing?


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