Neptune, or an Ice Skater?

Most of us were taught to produce an answer quickly: before the buzzer, before a teacher slapped your hand with a ruler, before you were condemned by your peers, and that implied, Don’t bother sinking deep into the question, just dance across the surface like an ice skater.

But we are not ice skaters, we are Neptune himself. A whole universe of feeling, of understanding, of life fully lived in all its myriad colors is denied unless we forgo approval of the crowd and sink within. There is the real you, not the one who resorts to guessing, smiles when sad, or looks away when confronted.

Meditators discover that we have been taught to cringe in the face of content–the dualities of mind: Mind is too much: too much everything, and therefore we use the only option possible–we escape to the superficial. And we discovered that forcing us to escape is the tactic used to control the populace, a tactic embraced¬†by organized religion. Individuals think for themselves, they cannot be controlled: they go ‘With’ because they understand, and they go ‘Against’ because they understand. Understanding is the consequence of sinking deep into the ocean of self.

Reclaim Neptune.


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