Allow What Is

Life is a journey, an adventure, a constant learning if you are lucky. You must have heard that the journey is the goal. It is so. Consider the question, “How to remain present, putting aside fear or confusion.” You are present when you allow what is.

If confusion is there, be present to confusion–that is all there is to watching: no magic, no trumpets, just simply allowing what is without preference. Preference brings in the “I”, and “I” brings in many viewpoints. Watching, you will discover that you are not just one voice with a question, you are a multitude of voices, each with conflicting opinions. Hence confusion. You will hear your mother speaking, you teacher speaking, your closest friend speaking, all claiming some part of your inner world and defining truth for you–right and wrong. Go further and you will hear political voices, boyfriend voices, mentor voices, religious leader voices–it’s a crazy world in there. Hence people go to therapy.

But no one needs therapy, they need to watch and unravel the grip of the inner voices. You are already perfect; all these voices shouting within that you should be more like this and less like that, they are like shadows: they seem real but you can walk right through them.

Everything you will ever need to know about the journey of life is provided by watching. I’m not talking about the mundane world of earning your daily bread, for that you will need a skill or degree and a job, but for the incredible journey of life from the cradle to the grave, through the loves and sufferings, through all the ups and downs that are not associated to an eight hour workday, for that, Watching provides all you will ever need.

A simple technique from Osho: When angry, say aloud, Anger, Anger; when jealous say, Jealous, Jealous; if greed comes, Greedy, Greedy.

You will always find yourself present when you allow what is.



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