The Path

The path starts now. We are not different you and I, when we journey we are equal each moment. Perhaps I have a few more experiences than you, fallen into a few more ditches and can recognize future ditches more easily, but we are all here now–none higher, none lower.

Knowledge, we are taught, is the shrine, an antidote to deliver us from mistakes, from the unknown. Just the opposite is the case. Each moment borrowed knowledge defeats us by eliminating the experience of now.

Sit at sunrise and watch. There are two possibilities, either you can be present to the changing light or involved with a passing thought. Looking at the sunrise through a cloud of thought is to not see the sunrise at all.

I have tried to prevent thoughts in order to see the changing light, but that is a back door strategy of the mind to remain dominant–“I will watch.” Krishnamurti is quoted as saying, “The Seeker is the Sought.” It sounds complicated, it isn’t. The Seeker is just a disguised version of “I”–spiritually correct, where we all begin, but not an end in itself. Actually, we are present all the time, just focussed on the wrong subject. Change your focus from the mind, seeking, efforting, to where you are each moment. Watch the sunrise, watch your friend communicating, watch your lover struggling–the content is irrelevant–you are present each moment, you are always on the path.


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