You can ask how to build a house, how to invest money, how to drive a car, but not how to meditate. There is no external help for meditation.

The question “how to focus on emptiness rather than the constant flow of thoughts” is a strategy to avoid being present to what is. Such questions look good, seem sincere, but we befool ourselves. Only you can walk the path. And though another can point out the ditches ahead, they cannot avoid them for you.

Of course, the world is full of charlatans offering such services–life coaches, psycho analysts, and all manner of religious authorities. For a fee, they will tell you what’s wrong and offer to fix you according to their ideas. That would be fine if we were all the same–robots, functionaries, part of the machine.

It is not rocket science that we are not so, any child can see that each of us is unique. So when did we loose that beautiful quality? The answer is simple: when society started training us to fit the mold. We have taken on the belief that society is real, and have left behind the simple truth that before society we were. Just watch how dogs are trained and you will see what happened to you, to each of us.

Rare is the individual who escapes that training. Such individuals appear to be Sages. That is the definition of a Sage: someone who stands outside society, someone who can see from beyond the mundane. Many try to escape through insanity; that is a journey below the mind–a wasted opportunity. The rest of us have the privilege to rise beyond mind, to journey into meditation.

But don’t ask how, go there and discover for yourself. If you ask how and another answers, know well you are about to be deceived.


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