Mind is conditioned to achieve. And achieving means tension.

I set an alarm to wake me and from that moment onward a layer of tension has been added–I have to succeed at getting 8 hours sleep. Or I set an alarm to end a space of meditation and immediately mind struggles to reach a desired level of success before the allotted time frame expires.

These are mind games presenting as reality, adding layer upon layer of tension. The result is we become divorced from self.

The Buddhas say we live in a dream world and that our true nature is now hidden. Recently, reading Osho on the question of “Who Am I”, he said, “Any answer must be discarded, it will be your past answering rather than your present.”

The conditioning of Society is the past speaking to our present–a surrogate answering, and each answer reinforcing a belief that how we were at our first breath was unacceptable, that we needed to be changed, modified, and trained.

The travesty is that life (you could even say God if so inclined) produced us as unique–as a perfect specimen–and society determined that specimen unacceptable as delivered.

Which makes for a further dilemma: Society is stating that it knows more than God.

So does this imply we should turn off all alarm clocks and live free. Probably not, we also have to live in the real world of the particular tribe where we find ourselves. But we can recognize that we are not OF the tribe, we are something else, something that was before the tribe, something utterly natural and unique.

Tension resulting from Achieving is not us, it is a secondary phenomenon and can be left aside once recognized. Mind is a mechanism, a trained mechanism. Consider stepping aside and let the mind pass, such is the tensionless state of non-achieving, of watching.


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