The New Man

Neither right wing nor left wing, not even centrist, the New Man is a total individual.

We stand in a time of crisis when polar opposites scream to become the answer. But the answer to what? Tribalism is the name of the game.

Have you thought about which tribe you belong to? Is it the small family tribe, or the small town tribe; can you expand further and say the State tribe, or what about the American tribe. But no, the deepest division of tribe is religion, my religion over your religion.

I attended a new citizen swearing-in ceremony and left with a question unanswered: Is the oath to defend the Country or to defend the Religion? That is where we find ourselves in today’s world–not my country versus your country, but Christian versus Muslim.

In every election around the world that question is being asked. Today it is are we French or Christian? What is at stake, our nationalism or our religion?

Christianity and Mohammedanism have always been at odds, it cannot be otherwise; it is politics disguised as religion. Oddly, the greatest religious Muslim these days is Assad of Syria, he has single handedly advanced the spread of Mohammedanism throughout the Christian territories by way of refugees. Now, like surgeons fighting cancer, nationalists want to apply medicine against the disease. It is the same old game–tribe defending against the invader. Throughout history we see conquering tribes murdering others, the Mongols and Germans come to mind.

Then what about the new man? Who is he if not just another tribe member? The new man is the Individual: unaligned, a world citizen, beyond boundaries; he is the man whose only religion is Love. He doesn’t give love, he is love.

France will vote: will they agree to let the other tribe in, to throw them out, or to find a common ground. But any direction is useless, the basis of any decision will still be tribal, and tribe implies them or us.

The New Man is beyond such division, the new man is wholeness. Tribalism will say the New Man is unrealistic, and from their point of view that will be true. But consider, throughout history there have been both conquering tribes and Buddhas. Tribes try to conquer the other while Buddhas try to conquer themselves. Climbing Everest is a simple matter of the body, climbing the inner Everest is a far greater challenge.

The New Man will come into being only when humanity seeks a higher vision, until then there will be war, the war of the tribe.


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