Meditation, or Medication

Perhaps there is no more important statement for any soul aspiring to the vision of the New Man than “Be in the world but not of it.” And that is the definition of meditation.

Trying to achieve Enlightenment, experience the Third Eye, or penetrate past lives is no more valuable than learning to cut cucumbers. Enlightenment means being present, and cutting cucumbers needs us to be present (or else it’s a trip to the emergency room.)

Sadly, our youth are not given this simple understanding. They are instead corralled into a slot to live life as respected members of society. But then the internet came along and the supposed value of respect was exposed as a vaporous pursuit.

Remove the blinkers of respect and a gaping hole appears, often resulting in confusion and fear. The solution provided by society when confronted by emptiness (and darkness) is to embrace an ideology, usually an organized religion. For most budding self-aware intelligences this an unappealing option, and too often the path then taken is Suicide.

Suicide is not an escape route, it is a refusal to see.

The mental health of youth should be of paramount importance to every culture. In the Western world that is usually not the case. Instead we place value on workers and soldiers and future leaders of institutions. Of course these roles must be fulfilled to make society strong, but therein lies a problem: The requirements of society become more important than the growth of the individual.

Civilization has not progressed much with this approach, our societies are no more enlightened than a thousand years ago. We are still as greedy, as violent, and as murderous as ever.

Then from where come the enlightened ones, the poets and musicians, the creators–the Van Gogh’s of life? They are the ones who understand that we are in the world (and participate totally,) but we are not of it. They are the courageous ones who dare to go where no one has gone before.

They are the few who improve life for all of us.

To some, this is dangerous rhetoric, but in fact just the opposite is the case: Only a soul that knows itself has something to contribute, otherwise we are simply programmed robots.

In a more understanding society every parent would first teach their child meditation, and then teach them a worldly skill.

Be in the world but not of it and your life will become a benediction. Meditation is the ultimate medication to conquer the dis-ease of uncertainty, to conquer so called mental illness. First one must know that there is nothing wrong, we are already perfect. See clearly what is happening within; meditation is the only medication.


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