The Children Are Crying

The Children Are Crying

Terror grips innocent minds
They cry out
At the gaping hole life presents
Bewildered–the breast has lied.
Now who can they trust
Innocence has died

Fighting for what is right
Fighting for beliefs
This is right, and this too
Follow…and you will find
In some other place…peace

We trusted you; you lied
We listened…and now we cry
You said this way; we tried
You held up righteousness
You lied

Children cannot argue
Children can only cry
They will hold on
They will struggle in darkness
They will learn, and not forget

We fight a battle in their names
A battle of bigotry–a treason of their trust
We fight, not realizing we are no different
Filled with beliefs, but ours
And always the children cry
Until they learn to do the same

Are we deaf to poignant whimpers
Preferring the words of deceivers
The religious truth givers
The perverted, cruel deliverers
The robed, masked, pious men

Oh mothers, why do you allow
When will you call it enough
For this you brought them
Delivering them to pain
Turning your eyes away from what you know

You are held accountable, mothers
You know it’s not right
But you have allowed
While those who trust you cry
And suckle, imbibing the lie

There are reasons enough to cry
Moments of climbing, learning to fly
Why fill them with beliefs
Clouds to cover their eyes
Teach them simple truths,
Life is teacher enough

The story is ancient,
Passed from one to another
Myths remaining unchallenged
And forever the children have suffered

We should not feel offended at ugliness
We should not say we are sorry
We cannot continue to lie
And pretend to suffer as our children cry

Truth stands square beside us
Not in books, sermons, or buildings
It awaits in the sun, beneath the trees
It waits patient within bright eyes
It hides silently where we refuse to look

The children know where it hides
You see it in their smiles
A heart that knows no beliefs
A heart untaught and knows not lies
There waits religion, there only is truth

Until then we shall walk in blinders
With words written to control us
Until then we will remain slaves
Until then we shall struggle with remorse
Until then our children will cry


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