Man: A Relentless Becoming

Every effort to change oneself is based on ideas garnered from others. Without the statements of others, from where shall emptiness bring forth ideas of right and wrong. Living life according to others is the way of tribe, of society, a way that dismisses us as individuals and recreates us as functionaries. And nothing is more demeaning than to live as a functionary.

What will happen to consciousness when robots replace us in our current functionary roles. We will either commit suicide or we will embrace the deepest meaning of spirituality.

By necessity, God will fall away. We cannot and will not find a way to validate a God that has replaced us. Anger will be the consequence for those generations brought up to serve. They will view this replacement in terms of loss of entitlement. Their anger will be directed at flawed ideologies.

The new man will have to find meaning from a life that is not defined by work. That meaning will come from an inner search. With time on their hands, and brought up without a concept of achieving, the very idea of struggle will seem absurd.

Those future people will view our current way of life as slavery. Not just that the fighting which consumes each nation will seem barbaric, but the very idea of needing an enemy to define us at all. We will become more cloudlike, comfortable to float without the need to grasp an identity from a 40 hour pay check. Ancient Taoists saw this possibility and named it the Watercourse Way.

This monumental shift, this upheaval is almost upon us. Those who have been trained in the old ways–to fight for survival–will fight. Meaning for them is found in domination or revenge. But the next generation, the New Man will see the pointlessness of such neanderthal methods and will, by necessity, embrace the new.

Meditators have played a part in this evolution. We are the bridge between the old and the new; a bridge that began thousands of years ago. Man is not an end in himself, man is a relentless becoming.


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