Is That So

Every time I sit, the one within me who has preferences starts expressing them. My agreement with that one–the preference machine–inevitably leads to tension, to internal struggle: It Should be different!

We hear from every great Master that Watching is the key. And my experience validates that it is so.

A beautiful technique that helps me is the simple statement, “Is that so.” Armed with that, I can close my eyes and enjoy the scenery: the passing thoughts on the screen of mind. It was not always so. The journey has been fraught with identification.

We are taught that we are supposed to have an identity–everybody else does, right? But no, that is the greatest misunderstanding. In fact is it the great injunction against enjoying life. And it is done intentionally: a person enjoying cannot be controlled.

Take the opportunity to apply this simple technique, it will change your life.

Is that so.


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