The Waiting Game

No matter how much we read or what we’ve heard, rarely is any of it helpful at the time–we search for answers to questions that are barely cognizable. It is our longing that implores us to move forward.

A Master plants seeds deep within us, seeds lying dormant until one day things we’ve heard 30 years before suddenly make sense. That has been my experience of living with an enlightened one. Almost everything Osho said while he was in the body flew way over my head at the time, and only a passion to know myself kept me there.

Try to put in words what longing is about. It’s beyond me. I have stayed with the journey these 40+ years because nothing has ever been more important. Slowly, slowly, the things he said started making sense.

Finally my own experience validates the Master’s statements. Only now his words make sense. Life is a waiting game, and the outcome is not in our hands–we journey because we must.

A wonderful word from India is “Chariveti.” It’s meaning is “Go On.”



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