On Mental Health

Regardless of how many times we hear the statement “Nothing is wrong with you,” we find a way not to let it in. Mental illness is, in most cases, a refusal to see and understand the mechanism of mind.

Our youthful mind was filled by supposedly well-meaning and valued members of society (read parents, teachers, politicians, priests etc) with all manner of ideologies, beliefs, opinions, and values. They did so in hopes of forming us into adults capable of functioning within their particular group. Their effort is the basis of so-called mental health issues. That training we received has had the opposite effect. Rather than encourage wholeness that training has fostered fight within: The ideal me in conflict with the natural me.

In some cases pharmaceuticals are of help to rebalance body chemistry, but in too many situations drugs become the panacea. Unfortunately such short term solutions don’t offer a cure, only a momentary escape. But it is an escape on a leash.

Psychoanalysis is about as useless to the Seeker as pharmaceuticals. The effort of Analysis is to re-adjust the mind to fit the agreements of society. That work makes the person functional, it does not make him or her whole. Why do so many married people go to counseling? Mostly they do so in order to “Do the right thing.” What is then successfully buried is the thing that they wanted to do. And experience tells us that what they wanted to do does not stay buried for ever.

Positive Affirmations are another piece of stupidity. See the point: A positive affirmation is only necessary if a negative one exists. It is a way to ignore the feared belief of ugliness within.

So we travel with supportive crutches such as “Life is hard.” But Life is not hard, it is what it is. What is hard is the mental struggle between these opposing me’s, the fight going on inside. Creativity is obscured by that fight. Intelligence is obscured by that fight. There are no options while consumed by fight.

What we as Seekers are looking for is the natural me. That Natural Me is the one who can allow thoughts to float by on the screen of mind without needing to believe those thoughts are me.

“We have the right to remain undisturbed.” Put it on your wall somewhere and remind yourself, because the power of thoughts taking control and driving your life is often overwhelming.

There is nothing wrong with you, there is only a misunderstanding. For most of us, mental illness is just that: A misunderstanding. We are not the thoughts that occupy our mind, we are the one who is free to Watch them pass by.


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