Drop It!

Life is for the Living. What a simple, clear statement of understanding. And yet we continue to live as if we are in the past.

Every small hurt, every rejection travels with us and colors the present moment. Our mental structure produces past experience as a reference to understand a current experience. So rather than meet the present moment fresh, without prejudice, we return to the past and determine our actions accordingly.

All enlightened people have said that as we are we are asleep. This state of returning to the past is that sleep. They exhort us to leave the past behind and meet each moment anew.

But we have learned the habit of retaining memories. Photographs are a perfect example. Dwelling in memories hides the present moment, while only this moment carries the juice of life.

If you have experienced the death of a friend you will know that we continue to move forward while they disappear into the past. That is how it should be, we have no choice but to embrace the next moment. Any struggle to hold on is an effort to protect against the future. It is a futile struggle, and simply not in the nature of things.

We cannot change the past, but unfortunately we can carry it with us. Look into the burden of what you are carrying and ask yourself why you continue to drag this weight of memories. Enlightened and Unburdened amount to the same experience.

Life is for the living, to live each moment fresh, as innocent as children. Simply recognize the nature of the situation and drop the burden. One doesn’t have to do therapy, or slay dragons. “There is no action after Understanding, understanding is the action itself.” (Osho)

Simply drop the burden. Drop it!


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