Beware a Savior

We travel alone. And yet in so many ways we ask others to fulfill our emptiness in order to avoid acknowledging a simple fact: A Savior is an attempt to disguise our aloneness with a dream state.

Look around at how many heroes we create: Politicians, Actors, God. You must be amazed looking at the North Korean people right now: How could they have become so deluded by their leader–to the peril of their life? Then bring the point closer to home and ask, “Have I done the same in my life?”

Understanding that we prefer to dream rather than look at reality directly is a huge step on the path of consciousness. This dream that someone else will be responsible is childish, it is a hangover from toddler time.

But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Others have travelled further and can point out a ditch ahead. A person with integrity will not bar you from falling into the ditch, but love will demand that they offer their experience, if you ask.

Finding such people is a gift of life, but to recognize them is on you. If you remain asleep, no other will ever be of assistance. In fact the opposite will be the case: you will be taken advantage of. Isn’t it clear that Kim Jong Un does not have the best interest of the Korean people as his priority?

Everybody is selfish in the negative sense, but a positive selfishness is a thing to behold. Only a selfish person will come to know himself (herself), and only a selfish person will understand the nature of compassion. True compassion is a willingness to share understanding without stealing the other’s freedom in exchange. Fall into the ditch, if you must. Mistakes are the spice of life.

Saviors are nothing more than megalomaniacs reducing others to servants.


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