How To Watch

Watching is the key word in Meditation. Perhaps we have heard about Watching and struggled to achieve our idea of what it means without much success. And for good reason.

“Watching is easy. Don’t ask me how. How is a way to avoid.” Osho.

Beautiful words that fall on willing hearts but mostly deaf ears. In our youth we are trained to achieve: Success (A’s at school), fame, sex, money, power etc. Then when meditation dawns on us we attempt it using the same framework.

Perhaps there will be some small measure of success, but more likely frustration. Success is irrelevant in the inner world. You can’t take it to the bank; nobody will know but you. In your inner world desire is that which must be watched.

We meditate because our being knows the rightness of doing so. And it seems to be in the nature of things that we strive until exhausted, even though we hear/know that struggle is a questionable approach.

The same goes for questioning. On the mundane level, questioning is the way we learn, but on the spiritual plane questioning is a trap–no answer can ever go deep enough since the questioner is the problem. Real answers only come from experience. For instance, ask another person, “Who Am I.” They will provide an opinion based only on your observable actions. Does that help? No. What helps is to ask myself. Or a different question, “Am I moving in the right direction.” Any answer from the outside will be based on a comparison of that other’s journey. And comparison cannot accommodate the reality that we are unique. No, the only way is to undertake the journey and trust that the answer will be revealed.

Asking someone how to Watch is the same trap. What you will get is a set of rules that the questioned person is also following. And if they are following a set of rules it implies they also don’t know. In other words the blind leading the blind.

“Be in the world but not of it.” This is a much repeated statement. We are both rooted in life and we have wings to fly. So allow achieving in daily life (a bigger pay check can make life more beautiful) but leave it behind in meditation.

You watch television without any need to achieve, watch in meditation the same way.


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