The journey into understanding is a personal one, and each of us walks it alone. There are moments though, when a friend can reach out and share something. This blog is an attempt to share a little of the experience I have gained from living with my master, Osho.

We are trained by the family, and accordingly, when we first encounter a living master we view his work through our training. It will not help, in fact our training is the very thing we need exposed and must leave behind.

Because we don’t know the ways of an enlightened one, we interpret. These interpretations create our confusion.

Most of what I will write about will be the misunderstandings caused by interpretation. Seen rightly, these  situations can become your seeds of wisdom. The journey into meditation is a life-long experience, it is not an event to be collected. You will never say, “Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt.”

If anything on this site is valuable to you, then the effort is worth it. Though we will never meet, hopefully you will meet yourself. There is a sufi story:

A beggar knocks on the door of a rich man and asks for food. The rich man says, “Go away, no one knows you here.” The beggar responds, “That may be true, but at least I know myself.”


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